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In 2017 our company will turn 100 years, four generations have followed, solving problems and providing their service and their best solutions to many generations of customers.

BOIDO brothers carpentry

The Company has ancient origins: it was Edward Boido, in 1917, to found one of the first carpenter’s workshops. At that time being a carpenter meant to produce wine barrels, repairing or building fixtures, producing furniture or any job with wood. His children Sauro and Joseph followed and finally grandchildren Alba, Daniel, Edward and Paola, having gained experience from the previous generations, considering new technologies, given the opportunities offered by the market, gave the current footprint to the current family business.

The BOIDO Brothers company is part of ALA in Confartigianato (Artisans Wood Craftsmen group) and it is certified ISO 9001. The owners, with the help of 10 employees and the most modern construction technologies, today produce outdoor fixtures, windows, shutters and massive doors: certified according to CE marking products, addressed to private customers, companies and retailers, with a production that varies from shipbuilding to manufactured products on specific design.


Personalized products are our company's strength, the flexibility that leads us every day to get back on the game, the tendency to produce non-standard and always custom made products at very affordable prices following the ideas of the customer or the architect's vision who designed the building.

We use the full range of materials available on the market in synergy with other companies tested by ourselves for the quality they offer, in addition to wood: wood/aluminium, bronze, brass, steel.

We have created a synergy with suppliers of leading brands in the field of ironmongery, fastening products, accessories for frames so to have all the possible solutions to offer to the customer. We are able to restore ancient items, we take care of the details and the result is a product that always surprises the customer.


The latest technology, the certification ISO 9001 reconfirmed over the years since 1997, a technical department able to follow the practices related to energy certification of windows and doors, to achieve the tax relief granted by the state, allow us to give a 360 ° service to the customer. Each frame is made by expert hands, step by step, ensuring a handmade product, but with the precision and the tightness of the most advanced industrial products.

Choosing durable goods means choosing values, it is to identify ourselves now and always, it means to express our personality over the times and fashion. Boido Brothers’ products are the result of a constructive method based on fine quality materials and based on advanced technological solutions. Get in the BOIDO world, full of original and particular items where each window is an elegant, functional and lasting product.


1917 - 2017

100 years of history

BOIDO brotherscarpentry

100 years BOIDO carpentry Nizza Monferrato